Novelties 2019

Novelties 2019

New in the range:

BORT Generation Osteoporosis Brace

  • Activating and spine-straightening back brace
  • Osteoporosis therapy using a brace to straighten the spine
  • Stabilisation and effective relief of the spine for conservation-functional therapy and OP aftercare
  • Strengthening the back muscle, pain reduction, respiratory relief

BORT Epi Basic short

  • Elbow compression support, Reduced upper arm length

BORT Stoma-Protector

  • Accessories for BORT Stoma Support

BORT GenuXpress

  • Frame knee orthosis by the 4-point principle for guidance and stabilisation of the knee joint

BORT OA-Xpress

  • Knee relief brace for isolated medial/lateral gonarthrosis up to 5┬░ axial deviation

BORT Helix S Spiraldynamik® Lower Ankle Support

  • Ankle bandage to support torsion of the back of the foot and to raise the instep

BORT TaloXpress

  • Ankle joint brace for stabilisation of the upper and ankle joint

Further novelties and product modifications can be found in our novelty brochure: DOWNLOAD

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