Bort Catalog 2022

Bort Catalog 2022

The Complete Bort Medical Product Line can be found in the Catalog 2022

We have a comprehensive selection of high quality items with many years’ of experience. We have maintained a trustworthy partnership with our specialist shop customers for more than 40 years, convincing with our quality, wide selection and experience.
A full range of medical devices from the orthopedic and phlebology areas
with provable therapeutic benefits and top manufacturing quality as well
as a known good value for money makes BORT a performant partner.

Innovative product development and production,
state-of-the-art logistics
New and innovative product solutions for competent patient care arise
repeatedly from knowledge within the company, intense expert exchange
with the doctors, therapists and our specialist trade partners in the area
of orthopedic aids

Due to the large selection of Bort Medical Products not all of these items are available on our webstore yet.

This is the most up-to-date Bort Medical catalog available in English

Let us know if you need something specific from this catalog.

We can let you know if its in-stock or we can order for you!

Take a look at what is available in the World of Bort Medical

Catalogue – Bort

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