BORT EpiBasic- Kids

Elbow compression support incl. two structured silicone pads for intermittent massage

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The Bort Epicondylitis Support with Padding is a golfers elbow support brace and tennis elbow support. This epicondylitis brace has a strong dual-tension quality, with 2 structured silicone pads for intermittent massage.

Product specifications

– Elbow compression support

– Two structured silicone pads for intermittent massage

-Form-knitted, with reduced pressure zone over the olecranon.

-Treatment for Epicondylitis, Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

– LENGTH: 7.9″ inches

-COLORS: beige, silver, black


The MED-Plus concept

Physiological 3D grid-structured knitted fabric:Non-slip fit with every body movement

SIZES – Circumference of forearm (5 cm below elbow joint)

xx-small 7.9″ – 8.7″ inches

x-small 8.7″ – 9.4″ inches

small 9.4″ – 10.2″ inches

medium 10.2″ – 11.0″ inches

Can be worn on the left or right


Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs



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