BORT Generation Hip Protector- 1 Hip Belt & 2 Hip Pads for Falls & Fracture Protection

BORT Generation Hip Protector & Pad Set perfect for Elderly & Seniors.

Comfortable Hip Protection for Variety of Falls, Injuries, including Sports. Fracture Protection.


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BORT Generation Hip Protector & Pad Set

Perfect for Elderly, Seniors. 

Comfortable Hip Protection for Variety of Falls Injuries, Including Sports

Unisex Hip Pants & 2 Pads

Product description


  • Hip protection belt with a shock absorbing effect
  • Strap with an anatomically designed cut can be fully opened
  • High-quality & functional
  • 2 Protector Pads made of soft visco-elastic foam, can be easily removed
  • Contoured Shape – Form-fitting to stay well-postitioned, comfortable, and discreet for all-day wear
  • Advanced Pads – Pads cushion and disperse energy from impact
  • Highly elastic belt ensures excellent comfort.
  • These hip pads are designed to be worn by both genders, suitable for both day and night use
  • Protectors Pads are securely positioned in integrated protector pockets.
  • Wear over undergarments or as underwear
  • Easy to remove belt & pads.


– Easy to put on/remove thanks to Velcro fastening
– Wide frontal grip straps
– Safe handling and comfortable to wear
– Suitable for temporary use during phases of activity
– Attractive, functional design
– 2 Additional Protector Pads, 1 Set (REF 201 120)
  • Tendency to fall for various reasons, including for the Elderly or during Sports
  • Danger of falling
  • This medical device is a hip protector for reducing the forces which influence
    the hip/femoral neck impact absorption in case of a fall.

COLOR: Blue Belt

Sizes with measuring point
BORT Generation Hip Protector









Measurement point: Circumference of waist at widest point.

For men or women.

Hip Sizing Chart



Womens Size Waist Measurement


Hip Measurement


Waist (inch) Hip (inch) US-Size Sport-Size
38 72 97 28 38 S 3
40 76 100 30 39 M 4
42 80 103 31,5 40,5 L 5
44 85 106 33 42 XL 6
46/48 90-96,5 109-114 35-38 43-45 XXL 7/8
50/52 103-109,5 119-124 40,5-43 47-49 XXXL 10



Mens Size Waist Measurement


Hip Measurement


Waist (inch) Hip (inch) US-Size Sport-Size
46 78 96 31 38 S 4
48 83 99 32,5 39 M 5
50 88 102 34,5 40 L 6
52 93 105 36,5 41 XL 7
54/56 98-102 108-111 38,5-40 42,5-43,5 XXL 8/9
58/60 107-111 114-117 42-43,5 45-46 XXXL 10


Fitting instructions

The BORT Generation hip protector can be worn above and below clothes.
1 Before putting it on, open the Velcro fastening at the front and guide the
belt, if possible using the hand straps, from the rear around the pelvis
with a slight tension.
2 Close the Velcro fastening and then check the correct positioning of the
protector cushions in the side area of the trochanter major.
3 To guarantee as simple as possible handling in everyday life, the BORT
Generation hip protector can be pulled upwards when closed and going
to the toilet and then back to the correct position when ready.

To remove the hip protector, open the Velcro fastener. Close the Velcro
fastener in order to avoid early wear to the Velcro surface.

Material composition
Polyamide (PA), elastane (EL)


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