BORT HerniaFix® Elastic Steel Spring Truss, 2 Pads for Double Hernia

Non-elastic Double Hernia Hip Belt with approx. 7.9″ inches long spring made of spring steel. Double-sided, rounded pressure pad

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– Double-sided, rounded hernia pressure pad

– Non-elastic hip belt with approx. 7.9″ inches long spring made of spring steel

COLOR: beige

SIZES Circumference of iliac crest

85cm=   32.7″ – 34.6″ inches

90cm=   34.6″ – 36.6″ inches

95cm=   36.6″ – 38.6″ inches

100cm=   38.6″ – 40.6″ inches

105cm=   40.6″ – 42.5″ inches


Instructions for use


BORT HerniaFix Elastic Spring Truss, Double-Sided

Intended purpose:
This medical device is a hernia truss which is suitable for reducing double hernia of
the abdominal wall (inguinal region).

Reducible inguinal hernia.

Lymph drainage disorders, also unclear soft tissue swellings distal to the aid
positioned, sensory and circulatory disorders with the region of the body treated,
skin diseases in the part of the body treated, non-reducible inguinal hernia,
incarcerated hernia, latex allergy.

– Trial fitting and size determination possible with closed packaging! The
goods can only be taken back if the hygienic packaging is undamaged
– remove the medical device prior to radiological examinations
– if wearing at night is prescribed, avoid negative influence on the circulatory
– in case of numbness, loosen the medical device and remove it if necessary
– in case of persistent complaints, consult the physician or specialist retailer
– use the medical device in accordance with therapeutic needs
– only use other products simultaneously after consultation with your physician
– do not make any changes to the product
– do not wear it on open wounds
– do not use in case of intolerance of one of the materials used
– no re-use – this medical aid is intended for treating one patient
– whilst wearing the support, please neither use any creams nor ointments on
or around it as they can destroy the material

Fitting instructions:
Hernia trusses for reducible inguinal hernia (i.e. the hernia can be pushed
back into its cavity) have comprised a proven therapy concept for several
decades. The pad presses against the hernial ring, thus hindering the
emergence and trapping of the hernia.
For attaching the aid, the patient should be placed on an appropriate
examination table in psoas position: for this purpose, the patient lies flat on
his back, the legs are elevated. The lower legs are placed at right angles to
the thighs on a surface which should be as high as the length of the thighs.
The inguinal hernia should then no longer be palpable, that is to say not
emerge from the abdomen.
Then, position the pads on the hernial rings. Then wrap the truss (pelvic
restraint) around the body at the level of iliac crest (between the waist and hip)
and fasten it.
If necessary, the spring steel springs integrated into the pelvic restraint can be
adjusted to the patient.

To remove, open the fastener and then remove the brace (hernia truss).

Material composition:
Polyamide (PA), polyester (PES), elastodiene/latex (LA), cotton (CO)
The sewn in textile label provides the precise material composition.
The product contains latex and can trigger allergic reactions.

Cleaning information:
Delicate hand wash 30 °C.  Do not clean chemically Do not bleach
Do not dry in a tumble dryer Do not iron
Close the fastening to avoid damage to other laundry items.
Do not use fabric conditioner. Stretch back into shape and dry in the fresh air.

Duty of notification:
If a serious worsening of the state of health occurs when using the
medical device, you are obliged to notify your healthcare provider.

Medical device | Single patient – multiple use

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