BORT HerniaFix® Non-Elastic Spring Hernia Truss with Round Pad, 1 Hernia Brace


Single-sided, round shaped pad, long spring for abdominal hernias. Non-elastic hip belt with approx. 50 cm long spring made of spring steel (Short Springs are recommended for smaller framed individuals= 109 700)

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HerniaFix®  Non-Elastic Spring Truss with Round Pad


– Single-sided, round shaped pad for abdominal hernia

– Non-elastic hip belt with approx. 50 cm long spring made of spring steel

  • ☑️EFFECTIVE HERNIA RELIEF. Our slim hernia truss provides effective relief from pain and discomfort, pre or post hernia surgery. Wear our hernia support belt to add compression to the affected area, aid recovery, reduce discomfort and maintain your lifestyle with all the support you need.
  • ☑️WEAR UNDER YOUR CLOTHES – Comfortable and slim enough to wear under your clothes inconspicuously, our groin support strap is perfect for helping you cope with the pain of a reducible hernia before and after surgery by applying light pressure to the affected hernia at the groin areas. The slim profile allows you to wear our hernia support for men or women discreetly.
  • ☑️ GENTLE PRESSURE – Specifically made to target hernia pain and aid in the treatment process, our Everyday Medical Grade – inguinal hernia brace – adds the right amount of gentle and gradual pressure to the area while providing hernia support.
  • ☑️ COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE – This belt hernia support truss for men and women features a flexible waist strap design and an adjustable groin strap that can be worn on the left or right to ensure maximum comfort and the perfect compression and tightness level.

COLOR: beige

Directions for use

SIZES Circumference of iliac crest

80cm=   30.5″- 32.7″ inches

85cm=   32.7″ – 34.6″ inches

90cm=   34.6″ – 36.6″ inches

95cm=   36.6″ – 38.6″ inches

100cm=   38.6″ – 40.6″ inches

105cm=   40.6″ – 42.5″ inches

Please indicate left or right

Spring Trusses have been a proven therapy concept for decades in case
of resettable inguinal hernia (i.e. the hernia can be forced back). The pad
closes the point of hernia and avoids thus emerging and incarceration
of the hernia.
First position the pad onto the point of hernia. Then place the strap
around the body in height of the pelvic (between waist and hip) and
close it.

Repositionable hernia truss.
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD), lymphatic drainage disorders
and indistinct soft tissue swellings remote from the applied aid, sensory
loss and blood flow disorders in the affected body part, skin disorders in
the treated part of the body, latex allergy.
40 % polyamide, 36 % polyester, 12 % elastodies, 12 % cotton
Important Notes: No reutilization – this medical device is meant for
the care of one patient only.
Wear support only when under strain, not during rest or sleep. Avoid
hindering blood circulation. In case of numbness loosen support and
remove it if necessary. If complaints continue, please contact the doctor

The product contains latex and can trigger
allergic reactions.

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