BORT Knee Support with Articulated Joint, Open Patella Hinged Knee Brace

Knee support with side joint splints and patella recess for guidance of the knee joint. 3D Knitted Knee Brace from Germany


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This item is a Bort Medical Favorite! It will take good care of you.

These hinges help stabilize the knee when the ligaments are not up to the task. 

More specifically, this knee brace can help when the collateral ligaments of the knee joint are weak or damaged.


Product specifications

– Knee support with side joint splints and patella recess for guidance of the knee joint

– Open in the patella area

– Silicone pad

– 2 Circular fastening straps, on the thigh and lower leg.

– Strong dual-tension quality

– Anatomically contoured knit

COLOR: silver

The MED-Plus concept

– Extension limit at 0°

– Complete relief of the pressure on the patella

– Individually mouldable joint splints

– Plus-size system resulting in very good fitting



d-measure  f-measure  Size
10.2″ – 11.4″ 12.6″ – 14.2″ small
11.4″ – 13.0″ 14.2″ – 15.7″ medium
11.4″ – 13.0″ 15.7″ – 17.3″ medium plus
13.0″ – 14.6″ 15.7″ – 17.3″ large
13.0″ – 14.6″ 17.3″ – 18.9″ large plus
14.6″ – 16.1″ 17.3″ – 18.9″ x-large
14.6″ – 16.1″ 18.9″ – 20.5″ x-large plus
16.1″ – 17.7″ 20.5″ – 22.0″ 2x-large
16.1″ – 17.7″ 22.0″ – 23.6″ 2x-large plus

Open-Patella Support Design

This knee instability support was designed with openings around your patella (kneecap) is comfortable, extended use among overweight, obese men and women.

The open patella (kneecap) design eliminates pressure over your sore kneecap, increases mobility, and reduces sweat build-up, while still providing ultimate support around your kneecap, which increases mobility.

Comfortable and Lightweight Protection

This knee sleeve is 3D Knitted and Anatomically Knitted for a more breathable and comfortable alternative to wear.

Supportive Design Allows for Easy Application

The straps are durable and adjustable, so you can adjust your brace to a custom fit after you select the size that works best for you.

Adjustable Hinges

The adjustable side hinges provide medial and lateral stability to your knee and limit your range of motion in the side-to-side direction. Side-to-side movements can lead to LCL (lateral collateral ligament) or MCL (medial collateral ligament) tears, which are the ligaments that run up the sides of your knee joints.

How Does This Orthopedic Hinged Brace Help With Knee Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis you may experience in the knee. It is a degenerative, “wear-and-tear” type of arthritis that occurs most often in people 50 years of age and older, although it may occur in younger people, too. When osteoarthritis occurs, the cartilage in the knee joint gradually wears away, resulting in bone on bone contact. This is likely causing you pain during or after movement, stiffness, and tenderness within your knee. This plus-size, arthritic knee brace helps address this problem as it adds support and reduces stress on your knee.

This brace was designed to help manage pain from a number of additional knee pain conditions, including:

  • Medial or lateral kneecap instability
  • Muscle weakness or injury
  • Ligament weakness or injury
  • General knee pain


This medical device is a brace for supporting the physiological guidance of the
knee joint with circumferential Velcro fastener restraints and side guidance
splints with joints.

Mild to moderate lateral ligament instability of the knee joint, gonarthrosis,

Thrombosis risk, extreme varicosis, peripheral arterial occlusive disease
(PAOD), lymph drainage disorders, also unclear soft tissue swellings distal to
the aid positioned, sensory and circulatory disorders of the region of the body
treated, skin diseases in the part of the body treated, latex allergy.

Fitting instructions
Before putting the support on, the joint splints must be adapted to the contour
of the body by an expert. The support is equipped with a joint for the inside leg
(medial) and a joint for the outer leg (lateral). For forming, remove the fastening
straps from the joint and take the splints out of the support. Then, form the joint
splints to the contour of the leg so that the joint splint contacts the surface and
causes no pressure sores. After this, the splints are inserted back in the splint
bags and the straps adapted, but not closed fully.
Then, slip the support over the leg so that the patella is placed centered in the
integrated silicone ring. Then, close the straps on the lower leg, followed by the
thigh. The support should now sit comfortably on the leg and not cause pressure
sores. Slight corrections to the fit of the splints can also be made without
removing them. Important: if the splints cause pressure sores and erythema,
please remove the support and have it checked by the service provider.

To remove the support, open the Velcro fasteners, grasp the lower edge of the
support on the splints and pull it downwards over the foot. Close all the Velcro
fasteners in order to avoid damaging other items, e.g. to further clothing.

Material composition
Polyamide (PA), elastodiene/latex (LA), elastane (EL), viscose (CV)
The sewn in textile label provides the precise material composition.

The product contains latex and can trigger allergic reactions.

Cleaning information
Before washing, remove the joint splints and close the Velcro fastener in order
to avoid damaging other items of clothing.
Hand wash Delicate 30 °C Do not bleach Do not dry in a tumble dryer
Do not iron Do not clean chemically
Do not use fabric conditioner. Stretch back into shape and dry in the fresh air

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs



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