BORT ManuBasic® Wrist Support

Compression wrist support to stabilise the wrist. Palm splint thermoformable

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Product specification

– Compression wrist support to stabilise the wrist

– Palm splint in shaped thermoplastic material

– Stabilo ® strap, freely positionable

– Silicone pad with hollow at the ulnar styloid process

Colors: beige, silver, black

The MED-Plus concept

– Extra elastic in the wrist and forearm area, making it easier to put on

Sizes – Circumference of wrist

x-small up to 5.1″ inches

small 5.1″ – 5.9″ inches

medium 5.9″ – 6.7″ inches

large 6.7″ – 7.5″ inches

x-large 7.5″ – 8.3″ inches

Please indicate left or right

Additional information

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