BORT OmoStabil® Desault’s Bandage- Shoulder Arm Brace, Immobilizer

BORT OmoStabil® Desault’s Bandage, Shoulder Arm Brace

Vest-style shoulder-arm adduction support for immobilization of the shoulder joint in a defined position


BORT OmoStabil® Desault’s Bandage

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Product specifications

– Shoulder/arm adduction brace as a so-called Desault’s Bandage for the immobilization of the shoulder arm joint in a defined position
– Cap-shaped recess in the shoulder area
– Fastens around the torso area
– Perforated composite velour material

COLOURS: blue, white

– Surface fixation of the shoulder and arm allowing free movement of the hand

  • Pre-operative
  • post-traumatic
  • post-operative
  • contusion
  • dislocation
  • subcapital humerus fractures
  • injury to the rotator cuff

The MED-Plus concept

– Surface fixation of the shoulder and arm allowing free movement of the hand


SIZES – Circumference of waist

Size 0= up to 29.5″ inches

Size 1= 29.5″ – 37.4″ inches

Size 2= 37.4″ – 49.2″ inches

Size 3= 49.2″ – 57.1″ inches

Can be worn on the left or right


BORT OmoStabil® Desault's Bandage


BORT OmoStabil Desault’s Bandage
Many thanks for placing your trust in a medical device from BORT GmbH.
Please read the existing instructions for use carefully. If you have any
questions, please refer to your physician or the specialist retailer from whom
you purchased this medical device.

Intended purpose
This medical device is a shoulder joint brace for immobilisation of the
shoulder joint in a defined position.
Pre-operative, post-operative, post-traumatic, e.g. in case of contusion,
luxation, subcapital humerus fracture, rotator cuff lesion
Lymph drainage disorders, also unclear soft tissue swellings distal to the
aid positioned, sensory and circulatory disorders with the region of the body
treated, skin diseases in the part of the body treated.

Fitting instructions
1 Depending on whether the vest should be worn on the left or right
shoulder, turn it so that the semi-circular shaped shoulder pad (1) lies on
the shoulder side to be immobilised and the lower arm support (2) hangs in
front of the body.
2 As the support can be worn both on the right and the left, please cover
the Velcro surfaces pointing outwards by turning the material. For easier
handling, please attach strap 3 to strap 4 with Velcro. That simplifies the
later attachment of strap 7 later.
3 Close the support in front of the chest by attaching the support part (6) to
part (5) with Velcro.
4 Incline the forearm of the side affected (normally 90°), then close the
lower arm support (2) towards the head.
5 Close the Velcro fastener for the elbow support (4) beneath the elbow so
that it rests comfortably and securely in the designated recess.
6 Finally, close the remaining Velcro fastener (7), which is at upper arm
level, at the front side of the body.

To remove the OmoStabil Desault Vest, open all the latching halves in the
abdominal and arm areas, then remove the support.
Material composition
PES foam (PES), polyamide (PA)
The sewn in textile label provides the precise material composition.

Cleaning information
Delicate wash Do not clean chemically Do not bleach
Do not dry in a tumble dryer Do not iron
Close the Velcro fastening to avoid damage to other laundry items.
Do not use fabric conditioner. Stretch back into shape and dry in the fresh air.

Medical device | Single patient – multiple use

Additional information

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