BORT Select EpiPlus® Elbow Brace with Strap, 2 Silicone Pads-For Lateral & Medial Epicondylitis

High quality Elbow Brace with Additional Stabilo Strap and 2 Silicone Pads


SKU# 122 700

In the Bort Select EpiPlus, the benefits of Dual-Tension construction are combined with the added effects of two gently massaging silicone pads and an adjustable Stabilo Band for superior protection, healing and recovery times. The comfort and high level of material quality help to make this brace an outstanding treatment option for a variety of conditions.

Product specifications

– High quality elbow brace with additional Stabilo® Strap

– Two structured silicone pads for intermittent massage

– For Lateral & Medical Epicondylitis

– Form-knitted, with reduced pressure zone over the olecranon

– Length: 7.9″ inches

COLORS: skin-tone, silver, black


The Select Plus concept

– Antimicrobial finish to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements.

– The pressure on the pads can be individually adjusted through Stabilo® Strap epicondylitis

– Intermittent massage

– Extra-soft, snag proof material edge


SIZES – Circumference of forearm (5 cm below elbow joint)

xx-small= 7.9″ – 8.7″ inches

x-small= 8.7″ – 9.4″ inches

small= 9.4″ – 10.2″ inches

medium= 10.2″ – 11.0″ inches

large= 11.0″ – 11.8″ inches

x-large= 11.8″ – 12.6″ inches

xx-large= 12.6″ – 13.4″ inches

Can be worn on the left or right

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs



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