BORT Select TaloStabil® Plus

High quality Support. Freely adjustable, part-elastic Stabilo® strap for the treatment-supporting positioning of the foot in the pronation / supination / neutral position

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Product specifications

  • High quality active ankle support with Stabilo® strap

  • Partially elastic, it can be freely positioned

  • Anatomical 3-dimensional knitted fabric

  • Two structured silicone pads for intermittent massage

  • Compression class II

  • Colours: skin-tone, silver, black


The Select Plus concept

  • Antimicrobial finish to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements

  • Treatment-supporting positioning of the foot in the pronation / supination / neutral position

  • Extra soft, snag proof material edge at the calf

  • Separate slip-on aid included


beige, silver, black

up to 8.3″ inches = small
8.3″ – 9.1″ inches = medium
9.1″ – 9.8″ inches = large
9.8″ – 10.6″ inches = x-large

Please indicate left or right.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs


4 reviews for BORT Select TaloStabil® Plus

  1. Smokey

    Very pleased with the high quality ankle brace

    I wanted to let you know how well this brace worked for me. Prior to a vacation I rolled my ankle while playing with my children. The following day I was tasked with a 9 hour drive to the Outer Banks for a fishing trip with my father. I was worried about the drive and how I would hold up in the soft sand of the Outer Banks. This brace more than exceeded my expectations. It stabilized my ankle and allowed me to be as active as I needed to be while fishing. More importantly, I got to spend quality time with my dad without limitations. Thanks for providing me with such a high quality and functional ankle brace.
    Smokey Hughes

  2. TomcatW4

    Fantastic support even with Degenerative Joint Disease

    I have Degenerative Joint Disease, there is no cartilage or ligaments in my right ankle. And the left ankle is deteriorated as well. I used this brace as the support that is missing from the cartilage and ligaments, and it works perfectly. The comfort and feel is like wearing another sock, but the stability gives me the confidence when I’m at the gym to do more than I could without.

    I would highly recommend these for anyone that has instability in their ankles!

  3. Lynsey

    This is way better!

    This is way better than brick & mortar! I love mine.

  4. Gretchen A.

    No swelling at the end of the day when I take it off!

    I just started wearing the select TaloStabil Plus ankle support and it feels great! (and no swelling at the end of the day when I take it off!).

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