BORT Select TaloStabil® Plus, 1 Ankle Brace with Strap

High Quality Ankle Support. Freely adjustable, part-elastic Stabilo® strap for the treatment-supporting positioning of the foot in the pronation / supination / neutral position. Ankle Brace with Adjustable, Removable Supportive Strap


Product specifications

  • High quality active ankle support with Stabilo® strap
  • Partially elastic strap, it can be freely positioned or removed
  • Anatomical 3-dimensional knitted fabric

  • Two structured silicone pads for intermittent massage

  • Compression class II

  • Colors: skin-tone, silver, black

The Select Plus concept

  • Antimicrobial finish to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements
  • Treatment-supporting positioning of the foot in the pronation / supination / neutral position

  • Extra soft, snag proof material edge at the calf

  • Separate slip-on aid included

Chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative soft tissue irritations in the ankle
joint area, arthrosis, ligament weakness,
after removal of plaster cast, ligament
injuries, distortion of upper ankle joint,
supination prophylaxis


This is a support for soft ankle tissue compression consisting
of elastic material with additional functional elements. They serve to treat the
stabilization of the upper and lower ankle joint.

beige, silver, black

up to 8.3″ inches = small
8.3″ – 9.1″ inches = medium
9.1″ – 9.8″ inches = large
9.8″ – 10.6″ inches = x-large

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