BORT Select TaloStabil®, 1 Ankle Brace for Sprain & Twisted Ankle

High quality active ankle support. Anatomical 3-dimensional knitted fabric Ankle Brace


Product specifications

  • High quality active ankle support

  • Anatomical 3-dimensional knitted fabric
  • Two structured silicone pads for intermittent massage

  • Compression class II

  • Colors: beige, silver, black

The Select Plus concept

  • Antimicrobial finish to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements

  • Extra soft, snag proof material edge at the calf
  • Separate slip-on aid included

SIZES – Circumference of ankle

small= up to 8.3″ inches

medium= 8.3″ – 8.1″ inches

large= 8.1″ – 9.8″ inches

x-large= 9.8″ – 10.6″ inches

Please indicate left or right

Instruction for use


What Should Post-Ankle or Foot Injury Recovery Look Like?

Gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga, and dance are just a few of the many athletic activities you can be hurt while doing. Most of those injuries are caused by overuse, repetitive strain, and inflammation. This inflammation causes pain, stiffness, and can lead to chronic injuries. We want to help you ache less and feel better.

RICE is a go-to treatment for most injuries, including ankle or foot strains and sprains. The acronym RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, elevation. This treatment method is generally recommended with the goal of reducing the inflammation and swelling that coexist with injuries, ultimately allowing you to heal faster so you can get back to life.

  • Rest

Resting your foot and ankle is key for healing, and wearing a brace can help stabilize and take pressure off the injured area. This athletic ankle wrap can help you prevent or ease the pain of an injury. Whether you are walking, running, or participating in gymnastics, dance, soccer, or cheerleading, this simple ankle sleeve effectively supports your ankle, foot, and arch.

  • Ice

Using an ICE PACK helps reduce blood flow to an injury, easing pain and swelling. The ice pack should not be applied directly to your skin. Instead, try wrapping it in a towel first.

  • Compression

Compression helps stabilize your injured joint and may also contribute to swelling reduction. In addition to helping your foot and, or ankle rest, this elastic ankle sleeve for kids, teens, and adult men or women applies targeted therapeutic compression

  • Elevation

Take advantage of gravity as part of the RICE ankle and foot injury treatment. Keeping your injured foot above your heart helps reduce swelling by allowing extra fluid to drain. While sitting down or icing your injured foot, make sure to elevate it with pillows.

Additional information

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