BORT SellaDur®- Thumb Brace & Thumb Sock for Arthritis, Sprain, Waterproof

This thumb joint immobilizer can protect and immobilize both the metacarpophalangeal joint and the thumb saddle joint. This might be needed following damage to the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb or for thumb arthritis treatment, including osteoarthritis of the thumb or rhizarthrosis.

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The Bort SellaDur is a waterproof, rigid thumb splint for the immobilizing the thumb saddle or metacarpophalangeal joint. This brace for arthritis, thumb sprain in the thumb or skier’s thumb is perforated and comes with an undersock for user comfort. This is one of our most popular thumb braces.


SKU# 105400

– Brace for immobilisation of the metacarpophalangeal joint and saddle joint of the thumb

– Special raised edge in the critical thumb forefinger area (commissure)

– Extensive perforation

– Elastic sleeve with downward traction

– Waterproof

-One Comfortable Thumb Sock, Brace Undersleeve is included. To be worn under the thumb brace.

-Additional Thumb Socks are also available.


-This might be needed following damage to the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb or for thumb arthritis treatment, including osteoarthritis of the thumb or rhizarthrosis.

-This brace for arthritis, thumb sprain in the thumb or skier’s thumb is perforated and comes with an undersock for user comfort. This is one of our most popular thumb braces.


COLOR: black


– Extremely durable brace

– Comfortable to wear

– Waterproof

– Washable; fast drying

SIZES – Wrist circumference

small 5.9″ – 6.7″ inches

medium 6.7″ – 7.5″ inches

large 7.5″ – 8.3″ inches

Please indicate: size, left or right & color

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14 reviews for BORT SellaDur®- Thumb Brace & Thumb Sock for Arthritis, Sprain, Waterproof

  1. Sharon in Spokaneon

    It is really working out for me.

    Very Functional
    By Sharon in Spokaneon April 11, 2014
    Verified Purchase
    Size: Medium-Left
    I had been wearing a full thumb splint made of neoprene for a brief time. I had an allergic reaction to the fabric/neoprene. When I found the Bort SellaDur splint, I thought it might work better, as it covers up less of your hand. I was correct. The rash went away. This is my second thumb splint from this company. It is really working out for me.

  2. CPS

    Fits your hand “like a glove”

    By CPS on January 12, 2015
    Verified Purchase
    I recently injured my left thumb, and I was diagnosed with tendonitis of the thumb. So, the doctor said that my thumb needed 4-6 weeks to heal, and a brace/thumb stabilizer was my only option. I work in an automotive shop and use my hands 8 hours a day. I needed a brace for shop use and one for home/sleep use. After reading a ton of reviews, I narrowed my search to the Bracoo Reversible Thumb Stabilizer, Mueller Sports Medicine Thumb Stabilizer, and the Bort Selladur Thumb orthoses brace. I ended up buying all three.
    – This one uses a formed firm polymer shell that fits your hand “like a glove”. It has holes drilled into it that allows your hand to breathe and stay dry, and it is also water resistant. The Velcro strap is about 3/4″ wide, and when it is attached, it stays. This brace also comes with 1 hand stockinette (hand sock) which is a plus. This brace provided maximum thumb imbolization, the base of your thumb will NOT move, only the thumb tip. It looks stylish and the dark grey color is nice for those who get there hands dirty. This brace can be used in a shop, outdoors, office, or indoors. It’s so nice.
    I do recommend.

  3. MaryJane

    it does help relieve pain in my thumb!

    By Maryjane on November 5, 2014
    Verified Purchase
    Size: Small-Left
    I reviewed so many before I bought Bort left thumb splint. I try to wear it for few hours and it does help relieve pain in my thumb!

  4. Melodie Thornock

    Really Helps.

    By Melodie Thornock on September 26, 2014
    Verified Purchase
    Size: Small-LeftVerified Purchase
    Works great for my arthritis. Really helps.

  5. Patricia J Obrien

    Cheaper than a doctors appointment!

    By Patricia J. Obrien on March 14, 2015
    Verified Purchase
    Size: Small-Left
    excellent brace. I sprained my thumb and just could not get it healed unitl I got this. Fine now! weeks of suffering until I wore this only for a week or 2! Cheaper than a doctors appointment!

  6. Bev


    by Bev on April, 6, 2015
    Verified Purchase

    This brace is amazing! I have severe arthritis in the base of both thumbs. This brace allows me to be as active as I want to be.

  7. Martha

    Wonderful splint

    by Martha on March 30, 2015
    Verified Purchase

    This splint is excellent quality, and the sock inner liner adds to the comfort. Note that there may need to be minor modifications done for comfort, but these should be done by a hand therapist, using high heat. If your thumb joints (especially the distal joint) are enlarged from arthritis, you might need a larger splint than the measuring page indicates.

  8. Phantomcreek

    Great product

    by Phantomcreek on March 7, 2015
    Verified Purchase

    I have purchased two of these thumb braces and the work great. I will continue to use them as long as they are available.

  9. MJC

    Therapist Review

    Therapist review
    By mjc – April 11, 2015
    Verified Purchase
    Excellent quality product. I am an Occupational Therapist, and need to let people considering this product some helpful information. The way this splint is designed, you have full use of your hand, because the palm of your hand is free. Without the sock liner, it is fine to get your hand wet (washing hands, dishes). The sock liner helps to absorb sweat, or normal moisture. It can be hand washed and line dried. The velcro strap holds very tightly, which is nice. I find that I am able to rotate my thumb slightly to allow full function of my hand, but do not have as strong of a grip because of the splint. It is primarily designed to reduce movement of, and support the MCP joint – which is at the level of the thumb web space.

    Now for some additional info: IF your thumb has swelling in the joint furthest from your wrist (IP joint), you may have trouble fitting into the size that their chart indicates as correct, unless you wear it without the sock. If needed it can be modified by an OT or a Certified Hand Therapist, or even an Orthotist. I had to modify mine to flare the edges at the end of the thumb (nearest the tip of the thumb, the distal end), as well as at the wrist. This increases comfort. DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS YOURSELF! (In all likelihood, you will destroy the splint).

    Lastly, many splints are sensitive to the high temperature in a car in the summer time, and will “melt”. This one is more tolerant to heat, and seems to do ok, even in FL. However, the safest thing is to keep your splint in places where YOU are comfortable, so it is not exposed to significant heat.

  10. Dorothy

    Five Stars

    Five Stars
    By Dorothy – April 17, 2015
    Verified Purchase
    This is a wonderful brace, allows enough movement and function while providing great support!

  11. April E

    Very Good Return Policy

    The company was very good about their return policy
    By april e – April 29, 2015
    Verified Purchase
    This item did not fit properly for me. The company was very good about their return policy.

  12. Penelope

    Five Stars

    Five Stars
    By penelope – July 25, 2015
    Verified Purchase
    Easy to exchange for different size.

  13. L Ebert

    The Best Thumb Brace! And I have trued a bunch.

    The best thumb brace! And I’ve tried a bunch.
    By L. Ebert – September 10, 2015
    Verified Purchase
    Two words: German engineering. This is the Mercedes / Bosch / Festool of thumb braces. It looks a little different. It costs more. It might even take some getting used to. But once you’ve made the switch and become acclimated, everything else just doesn’t compare.

    It’s very light, and despite the fact that it’s largely a piece of stiff plastic, I notice it far less than any other brace I’ve tried. It prevents the thumb from moving yet leaves the rest of my fingers with unrestricted motion. I can wear it under work gloves and scrub it clean if it gets dirty.

    I will admit that I needed to modify the thumb hole a bit, as I have short thumbs. I took about 1/8″ off with a utility knife, smoothed it with some sandpaper, and it’s much more comfortable.

    Yes, the light cotton liner is nothing special. It’s just a light cotton liner.

    But the brace as a whole does its job superbly. I will be ordering another.

  14. ASJ

    I bought 5 different braces from amazon within a week and this one was the best by FAR !!!

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I bought 5 different braces from amazon within a week and this one was the best by FAR !!!
    May 4, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    I bought 5 different braces to try to stabilize my thumb from an injury. This one is the best by a long shot
    I tried the following ones and below are my preferences from most liked (first) to least liked:
    -1.Bort SellaDur Thumb Arthtitis & Thumb Sprain Treatment
    -2.Comfort Cool CMC Restriction Splint
    -3.Med Spec Tee Pee Thumb Protector
    -4.Neo G Medical VSC thumb brace
    -5.Thumb Spica – Stabilizer Brace – by BioSkin

    The Bort is by far the most stabilizing and comfortable. Its got one elastic/Velcro strap so its easy to get on and off, plus the best part is the hand sock/glove thing that wicks moisture away from the skin so you can leave the thing on longer without it getting smelly, sweaty or leaving a rash on you hand.
    I did end up taking a heat gun to the plastic part and adjusting some of the areas where there were sharp edges or such. Some people say not to do this and have it done professionally but that would cost more than screwing it up a few times attempting it yourself. I do wish I could find more of the gloves to buy separately. I havent been able to yet and it is a nice material glove.
    All the other ones are neoprene like material that ends up making your hand/brace stink and get a rash after extended use because they don’t breath well. A few of these are good at immobilizing the thumb well but the combination of not breathing well or being somewhat difficult to attach knocks them off my list. The Thumb Spica brace was great but it had so many straps and Velcro that it was really time consuming to put on and off which wasn’t what I wanted for something that I planned on wearing regularly for a month or more. This Neo G isn’t bad, its easy to install, supports the thumb well, is ambidextrous, but it doesn’t breath well ( and most other ones don’t either).

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