BORT StabiloPlus Bridging Lumbar Support, 1 Back Brace

Back Brace, Lumbar Brace for bridging and for relief of the lumbar spine

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– Lumbar brace for bridging and for relief of the lumbar spine

– Stimulation of abdominal muscles and straightening of pelvis

– Non-elastic stabilization strap, individually adjustable

– Height: ventral 6.7″ inches, dorsal 12.6″ inches

COLORS: silver


– Anatomical cut for precise fit, flexible section in the hip-bending area

-Improved function and fit thanks to rotating strap guide loops

The degree of stabilization can be adjusted to suit the particular course of therapy

– Easy to put on using the hand straps provided.

Intended purpose
This medical device is a brace for partial relief due to lordosis reduction of the lumbar spine.

Moderate lumboischialgia with mild deficits with herniated discs/prolapse, moderate radicular, pseudo radicular lumbar syndrome, grade I spondylolisthesis with low back pain, moderate lumbar deformity
(recurrent treatment, complicated history), i.e. after intervertebral disc surgery with mild to moderate
prolapse, spinal canal stenosis, instability syndrome.

Impaired lymphatic drainage including unclear soft tissue swelling, impaired sensation and circulation in
the specific body region, skin diseases in the specific part of the body, latex allergy.

Fitting instructions
When delivered, the BORT StabiloPlus Back support is pre-set for maximum stabilization. The bridging
segment is attached to the support via the cloth bag, the more rigid version of the splints can be found in
the splint bags. A splint set which is more flexible is included in the packaging. Open the support, loosen
the side tension straps, place the support around the waist and attach both closing sides using Velcro
evenly one above the other with a slight pull of the hand straps. Ensure that the support is placed centrally
and the lower edge of the support ends in the inguinal region (forward bend). This is the only means to
achieve an optimum effect from the BORT StabiloPlus Back support. Tighten the two lower belt straps
evenly first; as a next step tighten the upper belt straps, enabling a guaranteed comfortable fit of the BORT
StabiloPlus. If overtightened, the support may become wrinkled. During the course of therapy, it may

become necessary to reduce the stabilizing effect of the BORT StabiloPlus Back support. This decision is
taken by the treating physician. For this, remove the more rigid version of the splints from the externally
attached splint bag by folding the restraints back and removing the splints through the slit in the splint
bag. The shorter, more flexible splints can then be inserted. The bridging segment can also be removed
from its cloth bag and replaced with two splints. For this, remove the cloth bag including the bridging
segment from the BORT StabiloPlus Back support, take the bridging segment out of the cloth bag from
the rear slit and insert two of the longer, more flexible splints into the holders in the cloth bag designated
for this purpose. Finally, attach the cloth bag back to the BORT StabiloPlus; here the wide side facing the
direction of the head.

To remove the brace, open the tension straps and the front fastening and take the brace off.
Material composition
Elastodiene/latex (LA), polyamide (PA), viscose (CV)
The sewn in textile label provides the precise material composition

SIZES Circumference of waist

Size 1: 26.6″ – 31.5″ inches

Size 2 31.5″ – 35.5″ inches

Size 3 35.5″ – 39.4″ inches

Size 4 39.4″ – 43.3″ inches

Size 5: 43.3″ – 47.2″ inches

Size 6: 47.2″ – 51.2″ inches

Size 7: 51.2″ – 55.1″ inches

Instructions for use

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