BORT Stoma Support, Ostomy Belt, Stoma Belt, Hernia Belt, 1 Abdominal Brace, Supportive

Circular abdominal support with variable stoma recess. Non-elastic composite velour material, elastic insert in the back section


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SKU# 104090

BORT Stoma Support, Ostomy Belt, Stoma Belt , Ostomy Hernia Belt, Abdominal Brace Support

Stoma Support, Ostomy Support Belt brings relief by releasing the heavy sensation of hernias, and may help prevent hernias post-operatively, in combination with exercise. Whether you have a bulge, hernia, or outward curve, or seek support after an operation, the Bort Ostomy Support Belt is designed to fit your needs.


– Circular abdominal support with variable stoma recess.

– Non-elastic composite velour material, elastic insert in the back section

– Two supporting splints

– Plastic reinforcing plate to be inserted

– Heights: 5.9″ inches,  8.7″ inches

Color: white


– Width of stoma recess can be adjusted using a Velcro fastening.

Large, skin-friendly lining in stoma area

– Washable at 90°C

SIZES Circumference of waist

small: 26.6″ – 35.5″ inches

medium: 35.5″ – 45.3″ inches

large: 45.3″ – 59.1″ inches

Please indicate height 5.9″ inches or 8.7″ inches.

The BORT Stoma Support provides support in case of abdominal tissue
infirmity especially also in the area of artificial intestine exits. In the anus
praeter area the pressure pad provides for stabilization of the affected
tissue structures.

Instructions for use:

  • If used with a pad, firstly attach it with Velcro on the inner
    side of the support in the region of the stoma recess.
  • Put the support on loosely. Loosen both Velcro fastenings
    for the stoma recess.
  • Position the opening around the stoma region.
  • Guide the stoma bag through the opening and close both
    Velcro fastenings again.
  • Finally, close the support so that a sufficient, pleasant
    stabilization effect is achieved.
  • Double Velcro fastening for easy placement and positioning
    of the stoma recess, respectively on the left and right in the
    abdominal region.

       Accessories available:

  • Art. no. 104 099– Stoma protector
  • Art no. 104 098– Stoma Reinforcement Pad (with circular opening)

Paralysis and hernia of abdominal wall, post-operative, condition after
ileostomy and colostomy with accompanying weakness of connective
Lymphatic drainage disorders including unclear soft tissue swelling,
sensory disturbances and circulatory disorders in the specific body
region, skin diseases in the specific part of the body, latex allergy.
56 % polyamide, 25 % viscose, 13 % cotton, 4 % elastodies, 2 % elastane
Important Note:
No reutilisation – this medical device is meant for the care of one patient
Wear support only when under strain, not during rest or sleep. Avoid
hindering blood circulation. In case of numbness loosen support and
remove it if necessary. If complaints continue, please contact the doctor

The product contains latex and can trigger allergic reactions.

Bort Stoma Manual

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