BSOS CMC Thumb Brace + Undersleeve, Adjustable Stabilizer, Osteoarthritis, Texting Thumb

Our BSOS CMC Thumb Brace + Undersleeve – Durable, Waterproof Brace for Thumb Arthritis Pain Relief CMC Thumb Brace for Relief of Osteoarthritis Pain This is one of our newest & most popular thumb braces.


CMC Thumb Brace + Undersleeve, Osteoarthritis, Texting Thumb

Durable, Waterproof Brace for Thumb Arthritis Pain Relief, CMC Thumb Brace for Relief of Osteoarthritis Pain

This is one of our newest & most popular thumb braces.

SKU# 105135

The BSOS CMC Thumb Brace is designed to relieve pain by stabilizing the CMC (basal joint) while still allowing maximum hand function

— making it effective, streamlined, and durable thumb brace for CMC osteoarthritis.

  • Optimal Fit & Comfort
  • Low profile design with imbedded, contoured, adjustable metal stay for individualized/custom fit
  • Does not impede other joint movement
  • Can be worn under glove/clothing
  • The Two Tone Color on the brace is intentional & functional!
    • The darker color is a slightly softer texture… firm for the much needed support while comfortable for those sensitive areas around the thumb.
    • The lighter color has more firmness to it with an adjustable metal stabilizing splint embedded that wraps around base of the thumb.
  • An adjustable strap fit for a secure fit and compression. The CMC Thumb Brace is versatile, useful and multifunctional.
    • Adjustable Straps for maximum stability
    • Yes, you are able to obtain a customized fit and maximum stability.
  • Designed to use thumb muscle contractions to stabilize the CMC Joint
  • A Custom, individualized snug fit around thumb muscles provides stability during pinch & grip without hindering other joints
  • Composed of premium, latex free material

BSOS CMC Thumb Brace is ideal for: 

  • Thumb CMC joint pain due to osteoarthritis
  • Instability of the thumb CMC joint
  • Post-operative care after thumb CMC surgery
  • Texting Thumb


  • Thumb CMC Osteoarthritis which has progressed to significant subluxation
  • Those lacking normal  thenar muscle may experience inadequate stabilization


Before applying BSOS CMC Thumb Brace to your hand, gently bend metal insert slightly outward

  1. Place CMC Thumb Brace over your thumb as far down as possible. Gently, but firmly, close the strap nearest the wrist, then do the same with the other strap. Do not over tighten
  2. Touch the forefinger to the thumb to make a gentle “O” shape.
  3. Keep the thumb muscles relaxed
  4. With the thumb and forefinger in an “O” shape,
  • APPLY PRESSURE to the metal insert… adjusting it to a snug fit around the muscles at the base of the thumb (the thenar eminence).

You may need assistance adjusting your CMC Thumb Brace to a snug fit that’s right for you.

How to Find the Size

  1. Measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles of all fingers (as the size chart shows).
  2. Find your size using our sizing chart.
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large
    • Small= 16-19cm =  6.30″- 7.5″
    • Medium- 19-23 cm=  7.5″ – 9″
    • Large= 23-26cm=  9″- 10.25″
  • When between two sizes: if you have thin hands, choose the smaller size; If you have large hands, choose the larger size.
  • Side: LEFT or RIGHT
  • Color: Black

Available Separately:

  • Thin CMC Thumb Brace Undersleeve: SKU # 105325

This CMC Thumb Stabilizer Undersleeve Layer can be worn in combination with other wrist thumb braces, provides comfortable protection and light support for weak, aching or sore thumbs. Suitable for those who use computers or mobile phones for a long time, or put a burden on their thumbs due to housework and handwork. UNDERSLEEVE IS AVAILABLE IN BLACK


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