BSOS Umbilical Hernia, Abdominal Support Truss Belt with 1 Removable Silicone Pad

Umbilical Hernia Support Belt with Removable Silicone Pad & Cotton Cover, Elastic Abdominal compression support, Unisex


BSOS Umbilical Navel & Abdominal Hernia Support Truss Belt with 1 Pad.

1 Umbilical Belt with 1 Removable Silicone Pad– for Men & Women

While surgery is often offered as a solution for a number of types of hernias, this is not always one’s first choice or even an option for some.

In such instances, a hernia truss may be a good choice for treating a reducible hernia externally.


– Elastic compression support belt for umbilical hernia, abdominal support

– One umbilical hernia belt with removable silicone pad

– One Pad Cover, attached

– Two supporting splints

– Soft, Elastic, breathable fabric with Medical Grade Velcro Fastening

  • The belt with pad can be worn before surgery to support the stomach muscles and protect the site
  • The belt is made of durable, lightweight, and flexible elastic cotton blend material, which is breathable and moisture wicking for increased comfort, thermoregulation, and moisture control
  • The slimline design of the belt allows to wear it for extended periods of time under regular clothes

Why this is the Best Umbilical Hernia Binder for Women and Men

  1. Removable Hernia Pad

    • This pad has a raised bump which should be placed right on top of your bulge to help provide maximum compression to the hernia. This relieves abdominal pain when you move, twist, and even cough.

    • The shape of the pad puts pressure directly on your hernia to help keep it confined and prevent it from protruding out more.

    • You can wear it in preparation for your surgery as well as post surgery.

    • Made silicone and plastic, surrounded by a thin Lycra cover making it comfortable yet tough enough to support a hernia in your abdomen.

    • The fastener on the back of the pad allows you to remove it and place it anywhere along the belt, depending on the location of your hernia.

    • The Attached Cover makes the Silicone Pad soft and comfortable against your skin

    This innovative pad makes our hernia brace better than a cheap one you might find at your local Walmart or CVS. If you already have a hernia belt but the pad is getting old or overused – you can buy an extra hernia pad here as well. Additional Hernia Pad with Cover

  2. Easy and Quick Application

    This hernia waistband belt is easy and quick to apply! Wrapping this hernia garment around your waist only takes seconds and doesn’t require any assistance to secure it. No pesky clasps or buckles! The easy fastener is convenient if you have arthritic hands.

  3. Lightweight and Breathable Material

    This hernia binder is comprised of nylon and spandex material and all parts of the brace are latex-free. This lightweight medical device enables you to wear it over your clothes or discreetly beneath them, depending on your preference.

  4. Flexible Spiral Stays Prevent Rolling

    The stays located on both sides of the belt help ensure the brace doesn’t roll down or bunch up while you wear it. The splints provide stability and comfort.

Types of Hernias

  • Abdominal Hernias

    Umbilical Hernias (also called Navel or Belly Button Hernia)

    Incisional Hernias (also called Ventral Hernia

  • Groin Hernias

    Inguinal Hernias

    Rectus Femoral Hernias

    Obturator Hernias

    For groin hernias, check out our other hernia trusses to help support the region while you wait for surgery.

  • Esophagus Hernias

    Hiatal Hernias

    This belt is recommended for abdominal hernias

– Height: 5.1″ inches

Color: black


– 1 Adjustable Belt with 1 Removable Silicone pad & Soft Attached Cover

SIZES Circumference of waist

Size: Small/Medium= 24″-38″ (60cm x 97cm)

Size: Large/XLarge= 39-52″ inches (98cm- 132cm)

Hand Wash, Air Dry Only

More Information about Umbilical Hernia

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs



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