PediSoft® Silicone Bunion Protection

Silicone bunion shield



one size only

The Pedisoft®-Plus Concept

  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to soft and smooth Silicone & Gel Bunion Shield

  • Particularly suitable for diabetics

  • Optimal fit to any foot contour thanks to the “memory effect”

  • The material returns to its original shape immediately after wearing.

  • Designed for frequent use as it is durable, hygienic and long-lasting

  • Easy to clean with soap or to disinfect, if required.

  • Caution: Do not use on skin with open wounds.

    • Recognizing a Bunion:
      A bunion is characterized by pain and redness or blisters or bursitis of the toe joint. The toe joint appears large and may stick outfrom the edge of the foot, will be sensitive to shoes and may becomequite painful. The big toe also tends to point to the side — toward your other toes — instead of straight ahead. Your toe may even cross underneath your adjecent toe.
      A Bunion Could Also Cause:
      1. Difficulty moving your toe 2. Skin that appears thicker around the bottom of your toe 3. A large lump at the bottom of your toe. 4. Swelling of the toe joint
      Bunion RiskFactors:
      1. Arthritis. Arthritis can cause changes in walking patterns, which may cause a bunion. 2. The wrong shoes. Whether too small, very narrow, or with a very pointed toe, the wrong shoe can aggravate bunions. Most women wear shoes that are too small for them.3. Shoes with high heels. They may look great, but shoes with high heels can squeeze your toes, rub on your toe joint, and aggravate a bunion
      Bunion Treatment Foot pain can be a bother, making it difficult to even walk around. First of all is to find relief, in the early stages of the formation of a bunion, soaking feet in warm water can provide temporary relief. The best way to alleviate the pain associated with bunions is to wear properly fitting shoes. Based on how severe your bunions are and how much pain they cause you, podiatrists may suggest different shoes, shoes designed with a high, wide toe box (toe area) are recommended for people suffering from forefoot disorders, such as bunions. Shoes with rocker soles will unload pressure to the bunion area. Orthotic are also recommended for this condition to provide extra comfort, support, and protection. Other conservative treatments include using forefoot products designed to accommodate and relieve bunions such as Bort Medical bunion shields, Bort Medical bunion night splints, and Bort Medical bunion bandages. These conservative treatments can limit the progression of the bunion formation, relieve pain and provide a healthy environment for the foot.
      Or you need a surgery to treat your bunions. If the problem persists, consult the podiatrist.

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