PediSoft® TexLine 2 Toe Pads/ 2 Finger Pads, Toe Cushion, Callous, Hammer Toe

2 Toe/Finger Protection Pads


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PediSoft® TexLine 2 Toe Pads/ 2 Finger Pads, Toe Cushion, Callous, Hammer Toe


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The Pedisoft®-Texline – Plus Concept

  • Pads provide optimal pressure distribution
  • Protection from additional pressure from outside

  • Comfortable to wear thank to the fabric cover
  • Optimal fit to any foot contour thanks to the “memory effect”
  • The material returns to its original shape immediately after wearing
  • Very hygienic
  • Machine washable at 30°C (with the exception of the Hammer Toe Correction Pad and the Anti-pressure Protection)
  • Protect your toes: the toe cushion tube helps reduce discomfort caused by corns, blisters, and ingrown nails, nail problems, hammer toes, over- or under-lapping digits, keratotic lesions, or partially amputated digits, relief pain and stop friction by toes
  • Usage: the  silicone creates a nonslip surface, not easy slide, wear them with shoes (flats, high heels, tennis and walking shoes) even while working or sleeping, suitable for both men and women
  • Convenient: the soft, fabric-coated tube, you can use it for any toe or finger directly without clipping, portable for traveling or outdoor sports
  • Non-toxic: these gel toe protectors are made of soft silicone gel lining and outer fabric, soft to skins, feel free to use
  • Fits for most people
  • Directions for use


  • Toe/Finger Protection Pad:
    The Toe/Finger Protection Pad can easily be slipped onto the
    finger or toe.
    Slip the Toe/Finger Protection Pad over the toe or finger in a
    way that the gel pad is positioned on the area to be padded.
    To avoid macerations, the product should be removed for at
    least 3 to 4 hours per day.
    Warning note
    Do not apply in case of open wounds. In case of diabetes,
    inflammations or vascular diseases consult a physician!
    In case of skin irritations or circulatory disturbances remove
    product immediately and consult a physician if necessary.
    > Long-lasting, durable, multiple use
    > Very hygienic
    > Pleasant to wear
    > Machine washable at 30°C
    > Thanks to its memory effect it returns immediately to its
    original shape

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