Wholesale Directions

Please follow these easy steps:

  1. Please FAX or send us a request on your business letterhead or with you business card so we can verify your Wholesale status.
    Our FAX number is (864) 231.9143
  2. After your wholesale status has been verified, you’ll receive our special wholesale pricelist and the whole Bort/BSOS Program.
  3. We have over 325 products that are available to you. Please take the time to get familiar with our products & with us. Look over our BSOS website https://www.bort-swissortho.com/ and the Bort Medical website too.(our manufactor) http://www.bort.de/englisch/main/content.asp.
  4. Read over our “Online Credit Terms & Conditions”.
  5. If needed, simply download our Credit Application and fax it back to us at (864) 231.9143
  6. If you have a Sales Tax Exemption Form, please send us a copy for our records.

You are now ready to place your first order at the Dealer/Wholesale Price level!


Bort-Swiss Orthopedic Supply, LLC